Frequently Asked Questions

Are children welcome? 
The retreat is adult (18+) only.

Can you smoke at the retreat? 
The entire retreat is strictly non-smoking, inside and outside.

Is alcohol served on the retreat?
Beer and wine is available at the outdoor Olive Garden restaurant between 10am and 11pm, all included in the holiday.

Are hairdryers provided? 
Currently, no.

Which plug adapter is required?
Round two pin plug.

Is there a safe? 
There are no safes in the guest rooms; it is advisable not to bring too many valuables.

Does the holiday include flights?

Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Easyjet and Monach all fly direct; frequently from April to October.

Which airport services the retreat? 
Dalaman all year round.

Out of season, one stop in Istanbul.

How long is the airport transfer time?
30 minutes.

Does the holiday include airport transfer?
No, but we can arrange airport pick up on request. 

How much is a taxi between Dalaman and Palace Gökbel? 
Approximately 110 Turkish Lira.

Which languages are spoken at the retreat? 
English and Turkish.